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Bigme Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Colour E-Ink Monitor & Windows PC

Bigme have recently launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for a colour e-ink monitor and integrated Windows PC, dubbed the BC251 series.

This can be backed as either the standalone monitor or the PC/Monitor combo.

Further information here…

My opinion on crowd-funding

Whilst I have nothing against crowd-funding campaigns, because they provide manufacturers with the much-needed capital they need to try out new concepts, I do not back them myself.

You only have to look at previous e-ink device crowd-funding campaigns (Bigme Galy, Topjoy Butterfly, Reinkstone R1) to see that they often lead to disappointment. What you tend to get is a product that is more like a proof-of-concept or prototype, and there is no guarantee that you will actually receive anything for your money.

Therefore, I believe that crowdfunding is only for people that have cash to spare and really believe in the project and company they are backing.

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