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Boox Tab X takes the number one spot in eWritable’s charts

The new Boox Tab X has taken the top spot in our E-ink writing tablet ranking charts, and, from our perspective, is now the best e-ink tablet on the market.

This position was previously held by the Max Lumi 2 (Boox’s previous generation A4 tablet), but the new features of the Tab X and the current limited availability of the Max Lumi 2 made the change inevitable.

We re-evaluate our reviews, rankings and ratings every quarter to keep up-to-date with changes in the market. This includes factors such as new devices being launched, software upgrades, availability of devices and new information about devices and manufacturers.

Other important changes to our tablet rankings include:

  • The Max Lumi 2 has plummeted several positions in our rankings – although we still think the Max Lumi 2 is an awesome device, it appears that Boox is no longer promoting or selling the device in Europe, which makes it difficult to get hold of.
  • The Supernote A5X retains its second-place position primarily because of its excellent after-sales service.
  • The Boox Tab Ultra jumps to third place, cementing its market position as the e-ink tablet that most resembles a laptop
  • The reMarkable 2 drops from third place to joint fourth place – it is still a nice device but is rapidly being left behind by the competition
  • Also sharing fourth place are the Boox Note Air 2 Plus and the Amazon Kindle Scribe (which has seen an improvement in rating following our reevaluation)
  • The Quirklogic Papyr has fallen several positions because it is a very niche device – it does a couple of things exceptionally well but, in general, is not as useful as other tablets

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