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Boox to Release a Colour Note Air and ‘Pro’ version of the Tab Ultra C?

UPDATE: 17 Oct 2023Boox has now officially announced the Note Air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro.

According to recently-filed applications with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Boox is set to release two new products very soon – the Boox Note Air3 C and the Boox Tab Ultra C Pro.

Very little is known about these devices but we can perhaps make some educated guesses from their naming conventions.

Please note that this is pure speculation on my part. I have no insider knowledge of what Boox are planning and haven’t received any information from my Boox representative since the Summer. My only sources of information are what are publicly available in the FCC application, and my own experience with prior Boox product releases.

Boox Note Air3 C

This is likely to be an upgraded version of Boox’s popular Note Air2 Plus, with a colour screen.

It is likely to be using Kaleido 3 colour display technology, which Boox has been using on the other color-screened tablets that it has released this year (the Tab Ultra C, and Tab Mini C). This means it will have a monochrome screen resolution of 1860 x 2480 with 300dpi and a colour resolution of 930 x 1240 with 150dpi.

The Note Air series is Boox’s offering in the 10.3″ portable note-taking space. Whilst the Tab Ultra series also sports a 10.3″ screen, it is marketed more as a multi-functional Android device that can replace many of the tasks that can be performed on a regular LCD/OLED Android tablet or laptop, such as browsing the web, word processing, and even watching video. The term that Boox use for the Tab series is ePaper. Whilst these tasks are possible on the Note Air series, their primary function seems to be e-reading and note-taking tasks. So, it is likely to be thinner and lighter than the Tab Ultra.

Therefore, although I think the Note Air3 C will have an upgraded processor and perhaps a bit more memory/storage than its predecessor, I don’t think it will have the onboard graphics processor and proprietary Super Refresh technology that is used on the Tab range of tablets. This means that although third-party apps can be installed, the performance will not be as good.

One of the advantages of the Note Air2 Plus over the newer Tab Ultra is that the top layer of the screen has a rougher, grainier feel rather than a smoother, glossier texture. I expect this trend to continue with the Boox Note Air3 C.

In terms of pricing, the Note Air2 Plus is currently priced at $450, with the Tab Ultra C costing $600, so it is likely to be within this price range. The monochrome Tab Ultra is around $520, so I think the Note Air3 C will perhaps be a little less than this.

So, in summary, my predictions about the Note Air3 C are:

  • It will have a colour Kaleido screen
  • It will not have an onboard GPU
  • It will have a paper-like screen protector
  • It will have slightly better hardware than the Note Air2 Plus
  • It will cost around $500
  • It will be launched around the second week of October (due to Chinese holidays during the first week)

Were my predictions right? (UPDATE 17 OCT 2023): I was right about the Kaleido 3 screen with paper-like screen protector and slightly improved hardware. I was also right about the price. I was wrong about the GPU/Super Refresh tech. I also didn’t predict Android 12, the MicroSD slot and Fingerprint Scanner. I was only slightly out with the launch date.

Boox Tab Ultra C Pro

The Boox Tab Ultra C Pro is more difficult to make predictions about.

What possible changes to the existing Tab Ultra C could Boox make to justify the Pro label?

Perhaps it will have some upgrades to the processor and memory to improve the performance of more demanding apps?

Perhaps the chassis will have been redesigned to get rid of the awful ‘camera bump‘ (although I doubt this as Boox has a tendency to stick with chassis-design for several years)?


I’m going to go with my first choice – a Tab Ultra C with a bit more memory and processing power, priced a little higher at perhaps $650.

Were my predictions right? (UPDATE 17 OCT 2023): I was right about the improved CPU and memory but did not predict Android 12, volume buttons or camera flash. I was only slightly out with the launch date but was right about the price.


As stated at the outset, this is pure speculation and I could be wrong about every single one of my predictions. We shall have to wait and see.

I expect that these products will be released in the week beginning 9th October 2023.

In the meantime, if anyone has their own predictions, please feel free to comment below…

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10 thoughts on “Boox to Release a Colour Note Air and ‘Pro’ version of the Tab Ultra C?”

  1. Perhaps the Ultra C Pro will have more of a paper like writing surface, like you mention for the NA3C?

    Jeff noticed the pins have moved to the edge to the back. Also six pins now rather than five. So new keyboard case inbound, hopefully bundled.

    The bump is still there, perhaps a little less raised? Hard to tell on the photos.

    Android 12? Uplift in WiFi & Bluetooth module? Faster and more energy efficient ram/storage? 🤔 🤞

    I’m looking forward to the first reviews!

    • That’s interesting about the pogo pins – never noticed that. A bit behind on keeping up with my yt channels so looking forward to a binge tomorrow 🙂 I think that the paperlike surface will be reserved as a selling point for the Note Air but I’d love to be wrong. Android 12 would be good but I think its unlikely although boox are due a big software release.

      I should be getting at least one of these tablets, perhaps both. Im expecting a tab x c early in the new year so have to mKe sure i have some pennies left for that lol. Still possible (although unlikely) that boox could release a surprise product if they apply to the fcc through a shell company.

      Great to hear your thoughts 😀 Thanks for commenting.

  2. This is probably a pure speculation, but would the Tab Ultra C Pro be a 13.3″ color instead? That would be awesome, actually.

    • I think it’s unlikely but not impossible. I think a more like scenario would be an upgraded 10.3″ tab c next week and perhaps (hopefully) a 13.3″ tab x c in the new year.

  3. Now I am glad that I postponed my purchase of the Tab Ultra C to the point where it sold out. Will now have the chance to see what the pro model brings…
    Also thinking about waiting for the Tab X C…
    Do you think they would introduce a keyboard cover for the Tab X?

    • It’s difficult to say – whilst I, personally, would love this, I guess there would have to be enough demand to make the design and manufacturing run profitable for Boox, and this is a niche (keyboard folios) within a niche (large screen and expensive), within a niche (e-ink tablets). Boox would perhaps have to look at how many 13.3″ devices they have sold over the last 12 months and the percentage of Tab Ultras they have sold with the keyboard folio before making a decision. I’m sure this would definitely sell but I’m not sure if the quantities would be sufficient to make it worthwhile.


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