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eWritable becomes a member of the Digital Stationery Consortium

eWritable joins the Digital Stationery COnsortium

Annoucement: 27/11/2023 We are pleased to announce that eWritable’s membership to the Digital Stationery Consortium has been approved and ratified. The Digital Stationery Consortium (DSC) is a network of global industry and thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and academics with a shared interest in smart digital stationary solutions. Members include E-ink Corporation, Supernote, Lamy, and Staedtler. This …

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Supernote A6 X2 (Nomad): Everything We Know So Far

Supernote A6 X2 (Nomad) - Everything we Know So Far.png

UPDATE 5/12/2023: Ratta Supernote kindly answered a few queries I had about the Nomad. We finally have a tentative release date for the long-awaited 7.8″ Supernote A6 X2 (Nomad). According to Supernote.EU (Ratta Supernote’s European distributor), the A6X2 will be shipped from mid-December 2023 and is currently available for pre-order. It is available in two …

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reMarkable Firmware Version 3.8 Rolling Out: What’s New?

reMarkable Firmware V.3.8 Released

Today reMarkable released version 3.8 of their software, which has some interesting enhancements. Straight Lines Echoing a recent enhancement in Boox’s software, reMarkable also allows you to draw straight lines in notebooks. By holding the stylus on the page after drawing a freehand line, the software will automatically straighten it. A nice additional touch is …

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New Supernote Tablets to Be Installed with a next-gen “FeelWrite 2” Screen Protector

New Supernote Screen Protector: FeelWrite 2 will have more "paper-like" texture

Ratta, the company behind the Supernote e-ink tablet, announced today that all new tablets will be fitted with their newly updated “FeelWrite 2TM” screen protector. In fact, all Supernote A5 X tablets purchased from around mid-August 2023 will have had the new screen protector installed prior to shipping. FeelWriteTM is a thin film that sits …

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Boox Product Launch Event 2023: What’s New?

Boox Product Launch October 2023 Note Air3 C Tab Ultra C Pro New Firmware

Today, Onyx Boox launched two new products, which we knew were coming; the Note Air3 C and the Tab Ultra C Pro. Both are 10.3″ colour e-ink tablets, however, the Note Air3 C seems to be primarily designed for note-taking, whilst the Tab Ultra C Pro is designed to be a workhorse that has the …

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eReaders added to eWritable

e-Book Reader Comparison Table Now Available!

Regular visitors to eWritable may have noticed that the navigation menus at the top of every page have changed and there is now the option to compare e-readers. As well as a new eReader comparison table, along with my original eNote comparison table, I have also implemented a combined eReader and eNote comparison table that …

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Bigme Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Colour E-Ink Monitor & Windows PC

Bigme Crowdfunding: Colour E-Ink Windows PC & Monitor

Bigme have recently launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for a colour e-ink monitor and integrated Windows PC, dubbed the BC251 series. This can be backed as either the standalone monitor or the PC/Monitor combo. Further information here… My opinion on crowd-funding Whilst I have nothing against crowd-funding campaigns, because they provide manufacturers with the …

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