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Kit Betts-Masters & eWritable Launch E-ink Tablet Comparison Tool

E-ink tablet aficionado Kit Betts-Masters and eWritable have collaborated to develop a tool for comparing e-ink devices according to real-world use cases. Using the vast amount of data that Kit has collected over the years combined with his experience and expertise, eWritable built a tool that conveys this information as a spider diagram. This choice …

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Black Friday Event – Quirklogic Discount Papyr E-ink Tablet

NOTE: Since writing this, Quirklogic has gone out of business. Quirklogic, the company behind the Papyr e-ink tablet, is having a Black Friday sale. The tablet is now available for $579USD, a $20 discount from its regular price. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on Quirklogic’s flagship product. The Papyr tablet has …

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