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Comparing Note-Taking Apps

One of the main considerations when buying an e-ink tablet is what features are included with the native note-taking app.

This is important because it is very easy to assume that a tablet’s software will be able to do something that you feel is quite basic and rudimentary but are then shocked to discover this feature isn’t supported after shelling out several hundred dollars.

For this reason, I have put together a few guides of what you can do with the note-taking app of the four most popular suppliers of e-ink tablets; Boox, Kindle, reMarkable, and Supernote.

Whilst some of the manufacturers have a wide range of tablets on the market, the native note-taking app is predominantly the same across all devices.

In addition to these individual guides, I’ve also compared and contrasted the features of each software to discover which is the best native note-taking app.

I plan to add more manufacturers to the list over time and look more deeply into other facets of the software (with native e-reading apps being next on my todo list).

I hope you find this helpful 🙂

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Dan Dutton is passionate about E-ink writing tablets, which bring together the pleasure of writing on paper with the power of digital technology. When he bought his first tablet, he realised that there wasn't a lot of unbiased information available for people that were considering buying an E-ink tablet, and so he built eWritable.

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