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E-Ink Monitor Comparison Tool BETA Launch

I’m pleased to announce my new tool for comparing e-ink monitors.

To be 100% transparent, I don’t really know much about e-ink monitors. Neither do I own one nor plan on buying one, so I don’t expect I’ll be providing any in-depth reviews.

However, I’ve had several visitors enquire about e-ink monitors. It only took a few hours to collate the specs of the small number of e-ink monitors on the market and repurpose the search & compare tool I developed for writing tablets and e-readers.

With the tool, you can filter the monitors based on several criteria, including size, manufacturer, connection ports and features.

But because my knowledge of e-ink monitors is limited, I’m not 100% sure if this is actually useful to anyone and if it is worth me maintaining the project.

It’s currently in beta release, so I’m keen to get feedback about it. Please email me at dan@ewritable.com with your suggestions for improvements. This could include any missing monitors that you think should be listed, additional features/specs that should be filterable, or any mistakes that I’ve made.

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Dan Dutton is passionate about E-ink writing tablets, which bring together the pleasure of writing on paper with the power of digital technology. When he bought his first tablet, he realised that there wasn't a lot of unbiased information available for people that were considering buying an E-ink tablet, and so he built eWritable.

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