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Kit’s E-Ink Tablet Spider Chart Comparisons

This tool came about as a joint project between eWritable and Kit Betts-Masters

Kit Betts-Masters

A message from Kit:

You want to make the choice of which device you buy based on real world experience! This tool will let you choose the tablets that you want to compare, in the areas that you want to compare.

I’ve been using e-ink tablets and reviewing them for two years now, and as I’ve used them I’ve been carefully evaluating them too. I’ve kept scores, regularly updated them as the software and the user experience improves, and now, you can compare them on one spider diagram!

If you want to see the tablets in action, head on over to my reviews on YouTube.

Thanks so much to Dan at eWritable for putting this tool together and making it even easier to make a confident choice on which of these amazing tablets to buy.

Kit Betts-Masters

Dan Dutton

A message from Dan:

To use the tool, select the devices that you wish to compare and the criteria that are important to you by ticking the checkboxes.

For best viewing, it is recommended you select no more than 5 devices at a time. Although the spider diagram does work on mobile devices, due to the sheer volume of information, it is best viewed on devices with larger screens.

Thank you, Kit, for generously sharing the several years worth of data you have collated :)

Any questions, feel free to email at dan@ewritable.com



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