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Further Info About the Supernote A6 X2 Nomad

Following Ratta Supernote’s announcement of the A6 X2, I had a few questions about their new e-ink tablet.

So I emailed Ratta and I’ve published their answers below for anyone that has the same curiosity as myself:

1. What is the screen resolution of the A6X2 (NOMAD)?

The screen resolution of the A6 X2 Nomad is 1404×1872.

I was pretty certain this would be the case but just wanted to clarify.

2. Will the previous generation (A5X/A6X) be getting the new Paint app through a software update and is there an ETA for this?

Yes, the Artelier app will be added to the A5 X/A6 X via a system update. We expect to roll out a Beta version soon.

3. Similarly, will the forthcoming Linux distribution work on the older generation tablets?

The compatibility of the forthcoming Linux distribution with older generation tablets is still unconfirmed.

4. Which components are replaceable on the A6X2? – obviously the battery, but can the screen, motherboard etc also be swapped out?

On the A6 X2 Nomad, the battery and motherboard are replaceable. Additionally, there is potential for DIY customization of the shell in the future.

5. Is there a reason for using a slightly lower capacity battery on the A6X2 (2700mAh) compared to the 2900mAh used on the A6X? Is it simply because the battery can be replaced or are there new hardware/software enhancements which will make the battery last longer despite the lower rating?

The device’s structure has been altered due to the implementation of a modular, changeable battery design. This modification has made the device somewhat slimmer than its predecessor at 6.8 mm compared to 7.2 mm, although it also reduces the battery capacity. Our examinations indicate that the battery life during sleep mode is approximately 50 days, with power usage during normal operation and standby not significantly different from the A6 X. We anticipate that future software enhancements will further improve battery life.

6. Other than being retractable, are there any other enhancements for the push-up pen?

Apart from being retractable, we have also enhanced certain quality aspects that were receiving critiques from users of the previous standard pen.

I have to say I’m really excited about Supernote’s new generation of tablets, particularly the 10.3″ version that will be released next year.

But the 7.8″ A6 X2 will share many of the features of the larger A5 X2, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do when it lands on my doorstep 🙂

The A6 X2 Nomad is available for pre-order and will be shipped in mid-December.

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