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New Kobo and Pocketbook E-Readers and E-Ink Tablets

Just a quick post to say that Kobo and Pocketbook have released (or announced the release) of new e-readers/e-ink tablets to their range.


Kobo have released released the 6″ Kobo Clara BW (presumably to supercede the Clara 2E) And, if I’m perfectly honest, the new Clara BW does not really seem to offer any massive improvements over its predecessor.

A more interesting new product is the Kobo Clara Color. This is a 6″ e-reader with a colour (Kaleido 3) screen. And priced at only $150, I believe this is the least expensive colour e-reader on the market.

Finally, there is the Kobo Libra Colour. This is the release that has been most interesting to me because it is a 7″ colour e-ink tablet with stylus support. You do have to buy the stylus separately (around $50) on top of the $220 for the tablet but it is still the least expensive colour e-reader with writing capabilities on the market. And there’s a strong possibility it could surpass the MobiScribe Wave in the ‘budget e-ink tablet’ section of my recommendations page.


Pocketbook have released their Inkpad Color 3, a 7.8″ colour e-reader that costs around $330. It occupies a space between slightly smaller but cheaper color e-readers (such as the Kobos above) and more expensive but more capable writing tablets, such as the Boox Tab Mini C.

Also announced by Pocketbook (but not yet released) are the Pocketbook Era Color (7″ colour e-reader) and the Pocketbook Inkpad Eo (10.3″ writing tablet with camera). Prices have not yet been released for these products so I haven’t added them to this website yet.

However, I have added the two new Kobo Claras and the Pocketbook Inkpad Color 3 to my e-reader comparison table and the Kobo Libra Colour to my e-ink tablet comparison table.

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