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reMarkable Firmware Version 3.11

reMarkable has rolled out a new version of it’s firmware (version 3.11).

It has the following new features:

Manipulate typed text with the stylus

It is now possible to select and edit text with the stylus.

To select text, tap on the lasso-select button on the toolbar and move the stylus over the text you wish to select. For multiple lines, you can also draw a diagonal line between the first and last characters you wish to select.

Once you’ve done this, you can fine-tune which characters are selected by dragging the top and bottom handles with the stylus.

When you’re happy with your selection, you can drag it to a different area of the page. You can also make the selection bold and/or italic and cut or copy it to paste elsewhere in the document.

General improvements and bug-fixes

  • FIxed a bug that caused instability with syncing of documents across devices
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setting passcodes


I can imagine that stylus-based text selection will be very useful to users that type out a lot of drafts with the keyboard folio and then proofread afterwards with stylus in hand. Making small changes to the text (such as moving sentences or paragraphs around) will now be a lot easier – previously, you really needed to use the desktop app for this functionality.

Although reMarkable firmware updates are more frequent than other brands, they are also quite simple consisting of 1-3 small enhancements and a couple of bug-fixes (the cynic in me believe that this is so they can claim that they provide more updates than their competitors). In comparison, whilst other brands, such as Boox and Supernote roll out updates less frequently, they usually have a lot more features.

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