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reMarkable Firmware Version 3.6 Begins to Roll Out

E-ink tablet manufacturer, reMarkable, have begun the rollout of firmware version 3.6 for the reMarkable 2.

The main update is that there will be a selection of tutorials and help files available directly from the device itself. In addition, there are a few bug fixes and slight improvements to the software and companion app.

Whilst I think the easily-accessible introductory documentation is a great way to help new users get to grips with their device (and I believe other manufacturers should perhaps follow suit), it is not really what I would I would expect from a version update.

There’s nothing really to shout about here – it’s just a couple of bug fixes and small improvements that one could argue should not have existed in the first place. In fact, reMarkable’s last few software updates have been very underwhelming – really, just slight tweaks.

Of course, it does demonstrate that reMarkable are actually working on their software, but most users aren’t really going to notice much difference.

And it’s a shame really because reMarkable are unlikely to bring out a third iteration of their flagship tablet any time soon and so I would expect a bit more effort in innovating their core software. In comparison, the Boox and Supernote native note-taking and reading apps are far more sophisticated (although I will concede that the reMarkable’s companion app is much better).

I’ve not checked the changes for myself yet – I tend to leave my rM2 at home these days because I use it so infrequently – but I’ll come back to update this article after I’ve checked out the update first-hand.

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2 thoughts on “reMarkable Firmware Version 3.6 Begins to Roll Out”

  1. Since this update, my Remarkable2 has not been able to cloud sync. It dispolays “Network Error 0” and retrying sync does not work. Resetting, etc. doesn’t help.

    Since the RM2 forces you to use the cloud to transfer anything, my device is now useless.

  2. Agree with last comment same issue, rather frustrating to see a buggy version when the last few updates have gone well. We need a revised version released very quickly.


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