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RESOLVED: SendToBoox App Displaying Blank/Empty Notepads

I recently had an issue synchronising between my Boox tablet and the sendtoboox app. Although the files synced, my notes were blank, as shown in the screenshot below:

Blank notebooks in sendtoboox app

At first, I thought there may be something wrong with the browser-based viewer, but the PDFs were still blank even after downloading.

It took a bit of playing around, but this is how I fixed it…

1. New version of data

First, ensure New version of data is selected in the sendtoboox app.

Sendtoboox - New version of data

2. Check firmware

Next, make sure that your Boox device is using the latest firmware.

You can access this through Settings -> Firmware update.

Boox settings and firmware update

If you’re not running the latest firmware, choose to update it – this may take a few minutes and require a reboot of your tablet.

3. Sync Notepads

Finally, click the synchronise button (shown below) from the Notepads home screen to synchronise all your notepads.

Boox synchronise icon

Now, if you refresh the sendtoboox app, your notepads should be working 🙂

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