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Supernote 2.8.22 Delivers Google Drive and Screen Mirroring Support

Supernote, the e-ink tablet manufacturer, has just released its latest version (Chauvet 2.8.22), which now supports Google Drive and screen mirroring. This new release makes it easier than ever for Supernote A5 X and A6 X users to save their notes, share them with others, and mirror their screen onto other displays. Let’s take a look at what this update brings to the table.

Google Drive Integration

With the release of Chauvet 2.8.22, users can now easily sync their notes with Google Drive.

This integration makes it easy to store notes in the Google Drive cloud and access them from any device or computer with an internet connection – no need to worry about losing important data if your device crashes or you forget to back up your information!

Additionally, you can share your notes with others by simply sending them a link – making collaboration on projects easier than ever before.

Previously, Supernote only supported synchronisation with Dropbox and their own proprietary cloud.

Screen Mirroring Support

The addition of screen mirroring support means that users can share their screen through their computer’s web browser.


The latest update also fixes some minor bugs and improves the firmware with some optimisations.

Overall, Supernote’s latest software release brings some exciting new features that make it easier than ever for users to take notes, collaborate with others, and give presentations.

As always, Supernote is showing dedication to its user base by providing excellent after-sales support and software updates.

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