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Supernote A5X/A6X System Update Includes Internal/External Linking in Notes

Software update for the Supernote A5 X and the Supernote A6 X.

The popular E-ink note-taking device Supernote has just received a new operating system update that includes some great new features!

With this update, you can now link between notes internally and externally, making it easier to keep all your notes organized.

In addition, Chauvet 2.6.19 now supports more handwriting recognition languages, so you can use the app no matter what language you write in and one-finger page turning makes it even easier to flip through your notes.

Internal and External Linking between Notes

One of the best features of the new Supernote update is the ability to link between notes internally and externally. This means that you can easily organize all your notes in one place and access them quickly and easily.

For students, this feature is great for organizing lecture notes by topic. You can easily create links between different topics to find what you’re looking for without manually searching through all your notes.

Professionals will also find this feature useful for keeping track of meeting minutes and linking to relevant projects or files. No matter how you use it, the new linking feature will make it easier to keep your notes organized!

More Handwriting Recognition Languages

The Chauvet 2.6.19 update also supports several more handwriting recognition languages.

This means that no matter what language you write in, Supernote will be able to recognize and index your writing so that you can search for it later.

System default languages are English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese, but additional language packs can be downloaded. Currently supported languages are:

  • Afrikaans – South Africa
  • Albanian – Albania
  • Armenian – Armenia
  • Azeri – Azerbaijan1
  • Basque – Spain
  • Belarusian – Belarus
  • Bosnian – Bosnia
  • Bulgarian – Bulgaria
  • Catalan – Spain
  • Cebuano – Philippines
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Croatian – Croatia
  • Czech – Czech Republic
  • Danish – Denmark
  • Dutch – Netherland
  • English – Canada
  • English – Philippines
  • English – South Africa
  • English – United Kingdom
  • English – United States
  • Estonian – Estonia
  • Filipino – Philippines
  • Finnish – Finland
  • Dutch – Belgium2
  • French – Canada
  • French – France
  • Irish – Ireland3
  • Galician – Spain
  • Georgian – Georgia
  • German – Austria
  • German – Germany
  • Greek – Greece
  • Hungarian – Hungary
  • Icelandic – Iceland
  • Indonesian – Indonesia
  • Italian – Italy
  • Japanese – Japan
  • Kazakh – Kazakhstan
  • Korean – Korea
  • Latvian – Latvia
  • Lithuanian – Lithuania
  • Macedonian – Macedonia
  • Malagasy – Madagascar
  • Malay – Malaysia
  • Mongolian – Mongolia
  • Norwegian – Norway
  • Polish – Poland
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Portuguese – Portugal
  • Romanian – Romania
  • Russian – Russia
  • Serbian (Cyrillic) – Serbia
  • Serbian (Latin) – Serbia
  • Slovak – Slovakia
  • Slovenian – Slovenia
  • Spanish – Colombia
  • Spanish – Mexico
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Swahili – Tanzania
  • Swedish – Sweden
  • Tatar – Russia
  • Turkish – Turkey
  • Ukrainian – Ukraine
  • Vietnamese – Vietnam

One-Finger Page Turning

Another great new feature in the latest Supernote update is one-finger page turning. This makes flipping through your notes even easier to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


The new Supernote update includes great new features that make note-taking even easier! With internal and external linking between notes, more handwriting recognition languages supported, and one-finger page-turning, Supernote has demonstrated that they are committed to its software feature roadmap.

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