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CHAUVET 2.10.25 Released: Latest Software Update for Ratta Supernote E-ink Tablet Brings Key Enhancements

September 1, 2023 – Ratta has announced the release of CHAUVET 2.10.25, the latest software update for its Supernote e-ink tablet. The update introduces several new features aimed at improving user experience, from PDF annotation to refined search functions and added keyboard layouts for multilingual support.

Check out my (subjective) thoughts and opinions about this latest software release here.

This update is for the Supernote A5 X and Supernote A6 X products.

Enhanced PDF Annotations

The updated software allows users to mark important sections, key findings, and noteworthy quotes in PDF documents. Users can highlight, underline, and add comments to text. The update offers four different colors for highlights—yellow, green, pink, and blue. When exported, these highlights retain their original colors and can be viewed on a computer, aiding in the review process. Comments attached to these highlights are also accessible by placing the cursor over the corresponding text.

Better Control Over Links and Headings

With just a few taps, users can manipulate links and headings in their notes. CHAUVET 2.10.25 allows links to be recognized as keywords or calendar event titles. A new feature enables the creation of a brand-new note when inserting or editing a link, streamlining workflow.

Improved Search Capabilities

The update provides multiple search methods—File, Keyword, Star, and Handwriting—to help users locate exact information swiftly.

Keyword Optimization

The CHAUVET 2.10.25 software assists in managing keyword clutter by providing options to easily add new keywords, quickly access recently used ones, and switch between different sorting methods.

Artistic Integrity in Handwriting

This update ensures that handwritten notes, sketches, or other artwork shared with colleagues, clients, or friends maintain their original quality and expression with anti-aliasing on vector exports.

Quick Access Customization

The new software version brings more flexibility in customizing Quick Access items. Users can long-press on any item to effortlessly rearrange or remove it from the Quick Access list.

Hands-Free Reading

Recognizing the varied needs of its user community, including musicians and those who read in bed or in the bathtub, the update incorporates a hands-free reading experience.

Multilingual Keyboard Support

The software now includes virtual Hebrew and Arabic keyboards, featuring specific layouts for users in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The CHAUVET 2.10.25 update is available for download now. Ratta recommends that all Supernote users install the new software to take advantage of these latest features and improvements.

We will be reviewing the new update soon and will provide a link here when it is completed.

For more information, visit the official Ratta website: Supernote.com

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