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Supernote Software Update: PDF Templates, Laser Pointer & More

Ratta Supernote has continued its tradition of bringing regular updates to its range of e-ink tablets with the release of new firmware – Chauvet 2.9.24.

Here is a breakdown of what’s new…

PDF Templates

Those that use PDF Planners on their Supernote, will know that they open in the Supernote’s native eReader software. Although they can be written on, the toolset is more limited than the native note-taking software.

Now, PDF planners can be used as a template within the native note-taking app, which means things like integrated links still work but you now also have full access to the tools in Supernote’s native note-taking app, such as titles and handwriting search.

Browse and Access

You can now transfer files to and from your Supernote tablet using a web interface over your local area network. Essentially, Supernote tablets now include an integrated web server which can be accessed by other devices, such as a laptop, desktop or phone for the purpose of file transfers.

This will be a welcome feature for anyone that is security conscious and does not want their Supernote to synchronise with third-party clouds, such as Google Drive or even Supernote’s own cloud service.

Screen Mirroring Pointer

The Supernote has always had a simple-but-powerful screen sharing app but now, with the latest update, you can also highlight areas of the screen without writing on them.

By hovering the pen a few millimetres above the screen, a small circle will appear, effectively acting as a laser pointer.

Folders on the Quick Access Menu

Supernote’s awesome side-slider navigation menu is great for quickly navigating to frequently used notebooks and documents.

With the latest update, you can now add folders to the quick access bar.


In addition, there have been a number of optimisations to file synchronisation, the most useful being a progress bar which tells you which file is currently being synchronised. This is (in my opinion) the best feature of the new update.

Supernote Sync Progress Bar

Also, Supernote has released a set of optional French and German on-screen keyboard layouts.


For me, the new updates are not all that exciting. This is primarily because I won’t really use any of them in my day-to-day workflows.

I don’t use PDF Planners, and I seldom use screen sharing. And I’m happy to continue syncing my Supernote files with my Google Drive. I may possibly add some folders to the quick-access menu but this is something I could easily live without.

However, this is just me.

I would guess that a majority of Supernote users use PDF Planners and the ability to access their planner through the native note-taking app will be a massive boon. In addition, this feature means that it is simple to add, remove and reorganise pages within a PDF template.

For those that use the screen mirroring feature regularly, having a method to highlight areas of the page (without making a mark) will be a useful feature.

I’m not too sure about the file transfer via browser. It is another option for getting files to and from the tablet, which will be useful to some. Supernote is marketing it as a way to transfer files without relying on third-party clouds, however, I would argue that this was already possible by using a USB cable.

Overall, I think the latest firmware update has new features that will be very useful for a lot of people – sadly, I am not one of those people.

Note: After the weekend, I changed my mind – the PDF Template feature is something that I really like and think I will use a lot more going forward.

Overall rating


  • Fantastic substitute for a paper notebook
  • Ceramic stylus tips that never need replacing
  • Lovely writing feel
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Well-structured notebooks
  • Best handwriting search
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Nice range of additional tools (Email / Calendar / Word Doc editor / Kindle etc.)


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Notebooks not easily viewable on other devices when using third-party clouds
  • Partner app requires more work
  • No frontlight
  • No auto-synchronisation

The Supernote A5 X (and smaller A6 X) are perhaps the best digital replacements for paper-based notebooks for those that love to write.

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