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Onyx Boox Max Lumi 2 Replacement Nibs Review

I had been using my Max Lumi 2 for about six months before I had to replace the tip of my stylus…and although it had worn down, it would have lasted a bit longer still, except I got it caught on my bag and the nib fell out and got lost!

So, I bought a set of five tips from Amazon for £25.

Inside the box

Inside the box of Boox Stylus tips

After ripping the box open, I was presented with five stylus tips and a metal ring.

At first, I was a little perplexed as to why there was a ring in there, but then I realised it was a pair of tweezers for pulling out the old nib from the stylus.

Changing the stylus tip

Changing the stylus tip is really easy and only takes about 15 seconds. Simply pull the old tip out with the tweezers, then push the new tip in its place.

How did the new tip feel?

The new tip felt good and worked perfectly. In fairness, it was exactly the same as the old tip – well, perhaps slightly smoother as the other one had worn down, but the difference was negligible.

Which devices are these tips for?

These stylus tips work for all Boox writing tablets that use the Boox stylus, including:


These marker tips do exactly what they’re supposed to. They feel nice to use and are easy to replace.

However, I think they are quite expensive at £26 for five, making them £5.20 each.

The good thing is that they last for months and months, and one box of these is likely to last for the lifetime of the device. So, you’ll probably only need to make the purchase once.

It would be nice if they came in smaller quantities as some people may not ever need to use all five – for example, they could sell them in packs of two for a tenner.

On the whole, the tips are decent, if a little overpriced.

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