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The TRUE Price of the reMarkable 2: It’s a little more than you may have thought

I’ve had a few people ask why my eNote comparison table lists the reMarkable 2 as costing $360 when they have seen it for sale for less than $300.

And what they say is true – some of the advertisements I’ve seen for the reMarkable 2 show a price of $279 (although they do use the qualifier word ‘from‘).

However, what they do not say (until you get to the checkout) is that this is the price for a refurbished reMarkable 2, without a stylus and without a cover. These are units that have been returned under reMarkable’s 100-day guarantee period – they work just the same but are technically second-hand.

If you want a brand new non-refurbished reMarkable 2, it will cost you $299.

Add on the reMarkable Marker (basic stylus) and it will set you back an additional $79. And if you want the Marker Plus (similar stylus except with an eraser at the top), that’s an additional $129.

That takes us to around the $400 mark, but you will probably also want a cover/folio to protect your tablet from damage. A wallet-type folio costs an additional $79, and a book-type folio costs $129 for the fabric variation, or $169 for the leather variation. If the type-folio (with integrated keyboard) has caught your eye, you will be paying an additional $199.

reMarkable 2 Hardware Buying Options

I’ve summarised the different combinations/permutations in the table below:

Refurb ($279)Marker (+$79)Wallet-Type (+$79)$437
Refurb ($279)Marker (+$79)Book-Type – Fabric (+$129)$487
Refurb ($279)Marker (+$79)Book-Type – Leather (+$169)$527
Refurb ($279)Marker (+$79)Type-Folio (+$199)$557
Refurb ($279)Marker Plus (+$129)Wallet-Type (+$79)$487
Refurb ($279)Marker Plus (+$129)Book-Type – Fabric (+$129)$537
Refurb ($279)Marker Plus (+$129)Book-Type – Leather (+$169)$577
Refurb ($279)Marker Plus (+$129)Type-Folio (+$199)$607
New ($299)Marker (+$79)Wallet-Type (+$79)$457
New ($299)Marker (+$79)Book-Type – Fabric (+$129)$507
New ($299)Marker (+$79)Book-Type – Leather (+$169)$547
New ($299)Marker (+$79)Type-Folio (+$199)$577
New ($299)Marker Plus (+$129)Wallet-Type (+$79)$507
New ($299)Marker Plus (+$129)Book-Type – Fabric (+$129)$557
New ($299)Marker Plus (+$129)Book-Type – Leather (+$169)$597
New ($299)Marker Plus (+$129)Type-Folio (+$199)$627
reMarkable 2 Tablet/Marker/Cover Pricing Options

Third-party stylus/folio options

So, if you want an official stylus and folio with your reMarkable 2, it can cost anywhere between $437 and $627.

In my opinion, reMarkable does seem to tack on an unjustified premium for their official gear. I do admit, it is all very nice and well-designed, just not quite worth the asking price for me, particularly when compared to the price of third-party alternatives.

There are third-party folios/covers that are compatible with the reMarkable 2 that are a LOT less expensive. And, because the reMarkable 2 uses the standardised Wacom-EMR layer for writing input, you can also use a more affordable third-party stylus instead of the official offering.

Connect subscription

But another expense that you may need to take into account is reMarkable’s Connect subscription.

You will get the first 12-months for free but after this period, there is a monthly recurring $2.99 subscription fee. reMarkable take your credit card details when you activate the free twelve months, so you will have to remember to cancel it a year later if you no longer wish to use it.

So, what exactly do you get with Connect?

Firstly, there’s unlimited cloud storage. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t synchronise your notes and documents with the reMarkable cloud if you don’t have Connect, but any file that hasn’t been opened for 50 days will stop synching.

Connect also provides additional features. At the time of writing, the only additional feature is the ability to create and edit notebooks from the desktop and mobile companion apps (note, this is for typed text only, not handwriting).

As a side-note, when reMarkable originally introduced the Connect subscription, it cost around $8 per month and blocked some features of the reMarkable tablet (such as screen share, handwriting recognition, and integration with third-party clouds) for non-Connect subscribers. Their customers weren’t too happy with this arrangement of having some of the functionality of their tablets hidden behind a paywall and kicked up a bit of a fuss. reMarkable had a re-think and changed the price and concept of the Connect subscription, with the promise that Connect would no longer block tablet-specific features, and instead would only block access to features in their companion apps. It’s interesting to note that reMarkable have not really released any killer updates to their software that are not in some way related to the Connect subscription since this time.

Anyway, back to what else you get with the current flavour of Connect.

There’s an 3-year extended warranty, called the reMarkable 2 Protection Plan. And, you get access to occasional exclusive offers – for example, when reMarkable released the Type Folio, Connect subscribers got early access and a discount.

reMarkable is the only major e-ink tablet manufacturer to offer a subscription service. Other major players, such as Supernote, Boox, and Kindle regularly release new features in software updates to all their users.

reMarkable referrals

It is possible to get a $40 discount on a reMarkable if a pre-existing reMarkable owner (that has passed the end of the 100-day return period) gives you their referral link.

Although I do have a referral link (and it would earn me $40 as well), I’m unable to publish it on the eWritable website due to reMarkable’s referral terms and conditions – basically, it can only be used with friends and family and not for affiliate marketing purposes. If you hover around e-ink-related groups and forums though, you will usually find someone trying to push their referral link.

So, why do I list the price of the reMarkable as $360?

To ensure a fair playing field across the e-ink tablets on my comparison table, the prices that are listed are what it would cost for the tablet itself plus the least expensive stylus option. The folio is not included in this pricing (unless the tablet comes with a folio for no additional cost).

Therefore, my $360 price for the reMarkable 2 is $279 (for a refurbished tablet) and the basic Marker (+$79). I also round to the nearest $5.

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  1. Fair, although I’d put it down at 380 (new tablet + cheapest stylus, no cover).

    I haven’t looked, but are there refurb options from the others? There does need to be a like-for-like to enable the reader to fairly compare.


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