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TODO List App Included in Latest Supernote Firmware

Ratta Supernote have released a new firmware update for both:

The most prominent new feature is a ToDo List app, which I was moderately excited about, so I wanted to write about it here.

Tasks and Lists

The new TODO list app allows you to create lists and tasks. This is what it looks like when you first launch it:

And this is what it looks like after you’ve added some lists and task:

Basically a list is an organised group of tasks – I set one up for each of my current projects, and you can see them in the left-hand column.

Above my custom lists are:

  • Inbox (the default list for new tasks)
  • Planned (an ordered list of all tasks that have been given a due date)
  • All (a list of all tasks grouped by list)
  • Completed (a list of all completed tasks grouped by list)

Adding tasks

You can manually add tasks within the app itself using the on-screen keyboard (either by typing the characters or using the handwriting input applet, which converts your handwriting to text).

You can also add tasks directly from your notebooks. Simply lasso-select some handwriting and tap the ‘todo list’ button. It will then convert your handwriting to text and use this as the task’s title.

Supernote has (in my experience) the most accurate handwriting recognition of all e-ink tablets I’ve used, however, it does not get it right 100% of the time, but you can edit it afterwards if there are any mistakes. Of about 50 tasks that I added from handwriting in notebooks, I had to edit about 3 of them (so about 94% accuracy).

Tapping a task provides options for renaming, moving, deleting, reordering, and changing the due date. A long-press allows you to select multiple tasks for bulk moves and deletions.

Syncs with the Supernote Partner App

Your TODO lists synchronise with the Supernote cloud and you can access them from the Supernote Partner app (available for Windows, Android and iPhone).

However, you do need to use the beta version of the Partner app (at least for Android anyway) to see your tasks.

I’ll be honest, I never really liked the Supernote Partner app all that much, preferring instead to sync my tablet’s files with my Google Drive. But having downloaded and installed the Beta version of the app, I saw that it has had significant improvements since I last looked at it.

One of my bugbears of the old app was that it kept logging me out, and I’d have to keep typing in my password between uses. This does not seem to be an issue any more. It also seems a lot more responsive and allows me to access and view (but not edit) my notes and files from my phone quickly and easily.

Because it gives me access to my notes outside of using my tablet (which is not possible with third-party drives because of the proprietary file format used), I decided to switch back from Google Drive to the Supernote Cloud. This was an indirect and unexpected (but very pleasant) result of using the todo list.

This is what my tasks look like using the Supernote Partner app on my phone:

You can do pretty much everything in the app that you can do from the tablet, including creating new tasks, renaming tasks, setting due dates, deleting tasks, and marking tasks as completed.

Final Verdict

At the start of this article I said that I was moderately excited about Supernote’s new Todo list app.

I expected it to be a nice addition to the already fantastic organisational features already available on the Supernote, but probably something I wouldn’t really use because I already have a task management system that I’ve been using for years.

And (if I’m honest) there’s nothing really amazing about the app that makes it distinguishable from the countless other task management apps available – except of course, it has been integrated with my Supernote, which I use every day to manage my life.

But the more I used it, the more I became invested in it, until I found that I’d transferred my whole task management system over to my Supernote.

It’s only been about 24hrs since I first started using it, so objectively there’s still a novelty factor here, but I’m really excited about using Supernote’s todo list app to manage my life. I use my tablet every day, but when I don’t have it with me, I can still view and update my tasks through my phone.

Of course, the real test will be if I am still using it 6-months down the line – there’s been plenty of times that I’ve been initially enthusiastic about a task management system, only for the excitement (and use of the system) to fizzle out a few weeks later.

However, over the years I’ve become more set in my ways and less prone to jumping between systems unless I see real potential and practicality in switching to something new.

Supernote’s todo list app has triggered a rare stir in me to change my workflow..

Addendum: How Supernote’s TODO app could be made even better

I had a few thoughts about how the TODO app could be improved and thought I’d mention them here:

  • Option to select the list when creating a task from notebooks (currently all tasks go into the Inbox and then have to moved to the correct list through the app)
  • Option to add further information to a task (currently there’s only the task title, but sometimes it’s useful to be able to add more details, perhaps in description textarea field)
  • Integration with calendar – it would be nice if tasks with a due date set could be synced with the Supernote calendar, so that I can see all my appointments/events and tasks in one place (and then removed or striked out when completed)

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