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What is the difference between the Boox Tab Ultra C & the Tab Ultra?

In this post, I wanted to quickly go over the differences between the Boox Tab Ultra and the Tab Ultra C.

Other than the screen, both Boox tablets have virtually identical hardware. They both have an octa-core CPU, Boox’s Super-Refresh GPU, 4Gb RAM, 128Gb storage capacity, and a 6300mAh battery.

They also both have audio (speakers & microphone), frontlight, g-sensor, MicroSD card slot and 16Mp camera.

The physical dimensions and weight are identical because they use the same chassis, they ship with the same stylus (Pen2 Pro) and they both fit into the same leather/keyboard folios.

And they both run the same Android 11.0 operating system and have the same user interface and native apps.

So, the only real differences between the two tablets are related to the screen and the price.

Not only does the Tab Ultra C have a colour screen, but it also has a higher screen resolution and pixel density than the Tab X, as shown in the table below.

Colour screen?YesNo
Screen techKaleido 3/Carta 1200HD Carta
Monochrome resolution1860×24801404×1872
Monochrome DPI300dpi227dpi
Colour resolution930×1240n/a
Colour DPI150dpin/a
Comparison of the Tab Ultra C and Tab Ultra

Even without colour, the Tab Ultra C’s 300dpi monochrome pixel density and higher resolution are a marked improvement on the original Tab Ultra – this is now comparable to the excellent 300dpi screen on the Kindle Scribe.

Colours on Kaleido 3 have a tendency to look a bit washed-out (which Boox are being completely transparent about, whilst giving it the spin of “soothing and soft tones” and “pastel colors“). And, the Kaleido film can make the screen appear darker than monochrome Carta equivalents, as well as have a faint trace of the honeycomb grid it utilises across the whole of the screen’s surface area.

Although $600 may sound expensive, the Tab Ultra C looks like great value for money – it is arguably the best 10.3″ screen on the market and has all the benefits of the Tab Ultra for only $40 more. And it wasn’t that long ago that the Tab Ultra was selling for $600 (note: since writing this, the Tab Ultra is now available for $499).

The Tab Ultra C is currently only available from the Boox Store but should be available from other outlets, including Amazon, within a month.

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