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Will Boox Release a Tab X C (13.3″ Colour E-ink Tablet)?

Just lately, I’ve been getting more and more emails from readers asking me if I have any insider knowledge of whether Boox will be releasing a Tab X C – a colour version of their 13.3″ Tab X e-ink tablet.

Following the third email this week with this question, I felt it would be helpful to write my thoughts here on the eWritable blog. This way, I can simply link my reply to this article rather than having to write individual responses.

TL;DR: I don’t know

Do I have insider knowledge from Boox?

The short answer to this is “No, I don’t”.

Whilst Boox has provided me with advance knowledge of their products in the past, this has not been the case since Spring 2023 (following the release of the Palma). I’m not sure of the reason for this (in all honesty, I haven’t followed it up with them, so perhaps they just forgot about me).

But this does give me a certain freedom to speculate that I would not have if Boox were providing me with additional information outside of the public domain – for this sort of relationship, you have to sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and there is an embargo on when you are allowed to release reviews and information.

The upshot is that everything written in this post is pure speculation on my part and not backed up by any concrete information. So you should really “take my ramblings with a pinch of salt“. However, it is backed up on my experience with Boox products (and product launches) over the years, and information I have found in the public domain.

Is it possible to build a 13.3″ Kaleido 3 tablet?

I’ve read some people saying that a 13.3″ Kaleido 3 screen is not possible because it requires 300dpi, which E-Ink Corp does not manufacture. However, on their website, they state:

The E Ink Kaleido 3 module is available in various panel sizes, including 7.8-inch, 10.3-inch, and 13.3-inch. Kaleido 3 features a black and white resolution of 300ppi, and a color resolution of 150ppi, which is an improvement over Kaleido Plus’s color resolution of 100ppi. 


So, it seems that the technology is available – however, I’m happy to be corrected if anybody understands these technical capabilities better than I 🙂

Is it likely that Boox will build a Tab X C?

A colour 13.3″ e-ink tablet is something that a lot of people desire, however, the cost of these larger panels does push it outside of the budgets of many potential users.

So, although there is a market, it is a smaller segment than that of 10.3″ devices. Still large enough to warrant a production run, but it is never going to be Boox’s priority.

So, I think Boox will announce a 13.3″ colour tablet sometime in the short- to mid-term, I just don’t know when.

They tend to release a new 13.3″ tablet every 13 months or so. The Tab X was launched in January 2023, so their next 13.3″ release is likely to be within the first few months of 2024.

Having said that, it is also possible that Boox might not be ready for 13.3″ colour yet, and so may release an upgraded 13.3″ monochrome tablet (e.g. the Tab X Pro) as their yearly large-screened device instead. Although, I’m not exactly sure what they could add to the current Tab X to warrant a new product release – perhaps Android 12, SD Card Slot and improved CPU/Memory, like they did with the Boox Tab Ultra C Pro.


In summary, I don’t have insider information (and wouldn’t be able to share it if I did) so, this is all speculation, but I expect Boox to release a new 13.3″ tablet in early 2024, in line with their previous release schedule for this class of e-ink tablet.

I’m hopeful that it will be a colour tablet (Tab X C), but I also acknowledge the possibility that it could be a slightly improved monochrome tablet (Tab X Pro) instead.

What do you think? Do you agree or am I talking bollocks?

Please feel free to add your comments and insights below.

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2 thoughts on “Will Boox Release a Tab X C (13.3″ Colour E-ink Tablet)?”

  1. What you say makes sense. I have done a little research on the public domain to see what Boox has been releasing and when. I have considered the cost increase from the monochrome devices to the coloured ones. I could see how a Tab X Pro could be useful, considering one of your other reviews how you found the Air Note 3 C, while it could be used in your productions line, felt more like a tablet and left one without the sense of “unplugging”.

    For me I am looking for something to hook into my laptop as a monitor, and then detach for other work. Different use case, so a coloured tablet sounds like a good idea for me.

    There might be precedence for a colour 13.3 inch, it just depends on how they wish to “juice” it up. Personally, between the various reviews on the differences and use cases between then Note Air 3 C and the Ultra Tab C Pro, the first was more flexible and “upgradeable” (via bluetooth keyboard), it was better than the Ultra Tab C and being roughly 200 USD less than it and its predecessor. Where as the second had an expensive camera and keyboard, things that for the average user are overkill. Note Air 3C seems to stand out as the actual winner here.

    Thus in comparison, I think it would depend on whether they decide to make a sort of “Note” Tab X C (Tab X C without extras) or a “Ultra” Tab X C/Pro (including a camera or two, and a bigger keyboard and beefier hardware, and more storage). The first one might be more affordable, for an e ink, and the second something to put on the pedestal but perhaps never purchase unless you are rich, desperate, or craving attention (or rich desperate for attention).

    Also of note is that Dangsung and Bigme seem to be competing for the World’s First Evaar of colour e ink this and that. This might help create the market for a Boox coloured 13 inch screen for the 2024 market. While these smaller companies are creating a commotion, getting exposure, building a market, and even gaining bragging rights, they are doing all the public work for Boox, who then only needs but produce a better machine for a now stronger market.

    So while the price of a coloured 13.3 inch would be greater than that of a monochrome one, depending on the success of the afore said companies, and depending on how “supped” up the boox product would be, it seems that the 2024 market could be ready for a 13 inch e ink tablet from Boox. If not, then 2025 would most likely be.

    That’s my two cents, or three, or four…


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