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Supernote A6 X Review: A portable note-taking tablet with some innovative features

Overall rating


  • Fantastic substitute for a paper notebook
  • Ceramic stylus tips that never need replacing
  • Lovely writing feel
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Well-structured notebooks
  • Best handwriting search
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Nice range of additional tools (Email / Calendar / Word Doc editor / Kindle etc.)


  • No longer being manufactured
  • Small screen
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Notebooks not easily viewable on other devices when using third-party clouds
  • Partner app requires more work
  • No frontlight
  • No auto-synchronisation,

The Supernote A6 X (and larger A5 X) are perhaps the best digital replacements for paper-based notebooks for those that love to write.

Last updated: Sept 2023

The Ratta Supernote A6 X is essentially a smaller version of the Supernote A5 X, so to avoid repitition, I recommend that you check out my review of its bigger sibling.

The areas in which the Supernote A6 X differs from the A5 X are:

  • The screen is 7.8″ (A6-sized) rather than 10.3″ (A5-sized) screen.
  • The form factor is smaller (although it is the same thickness)
  • It is lighter (255g compared to 375g)
  • The screen is made of glass (Carta) rather than plastic (Mobius Carta). This means that it is a bit less flexible.
  • The battery is smaller (2900mAh rather than 3800mAh)
  • The No-load Shutdown feature has not yet been rolled out to the A6X


I’m not a massive fan of 7.8″ tablets for note-taking because personally I find them too small and restrictive.

However, I appreciate that there are a lot of people that do prefer the portability of this form factor and as a mini note-taker, the Supernote A6 X is one of the best (although not so great for reading as the Boox Tab Mini C, Boox Note Air2 or Kobo Sage).

Unfortunately, it seems as though the Supernote A6 X is no longer being manufactured and it is difficult to source a new unit.

Although second-hand units sometimes become available (see the list of buying options above), the first place to look is Supernote’s Open Trial Box store, which lists new Supernote products that have been unboxed but returned at a discount.

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