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Bigme Inknote Color+ Lite Review: A more affordable Inknote Color with less memory/storage

Overall rating


  • Colour screen
  • High screen resolution/density
  • Great hardware specs
  • Very versatile
  • Google Play Store
  • Nice writing feel
  • Frontlight
  • Bluetooth functions on stylus
  • Audio (speakers and microphone)
  • Front & rear-facing cameras
  • MicroSD card slot
  • ChatGPT integration


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Heavy
  • Screen is slightly darker than Monochrome tablets
  • Software and apps not as refined as competitors
  • No search within notebooks

A powerful and versatile COLOUR e-ink tablet but the software and apps are currently a step or two behind the competition.

Last updated: September 2023

The Bigme Inknote Color+ Lite is almost exactly the same as the Bigme Inknote Color+.

The only difference is that the Lite version has 2Gb less RAM (4Gb instead of 6Gb) and half the storage capacity (64Gb instead of 128Gb). Consequently, this brings the price down substantially (by $200 USD in some outlets).

As these trimmed-down specs will not make much of a difference in performance for the average user, the Inknote Color+ Lite looks to be a better value option than its predecessor.

Because these two e-ink tablets are so similar (and use exactly the same software), to avoid duplication, we direct you to our review of the Bigme Inknote Color+.

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