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Keyboard Latency on Boox & Supernote E-Ink Tablets

We had a really good question in the new Q&A forum today in which an individual asked about the keyboard latency between the Boox Note Air3C and Note Air3 (and also the Supernote).

I made a video to demonstrate what typing is like (with a third-party Bluetooth keyboard) on these devices and thought it was worth sharing it here on the blog as well:

Please excuse my lack of video presentation and editing skills (this obviously isn’t one of my strengths lol)

For those that don’t want to watch the video, the upshot is that keyboard latency is better on Boox devices. It felt slightly snappier on the NA3C but the NA3 also felt very comfortable (however, I did have to play around with the refresh modes on both tablets to get a good balance between performance and ghosting).

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1 thought on “Keyboard Latency on Boox & Supernote E-Ink Tablets”

  1. It is good to see focused visuals once in a while without all the fluff around it.

    I do not know from personal experience how well the supernote works with a BT keyboard, but I can say that my NA3C seems to respond well. I have about an 75-85 word per minute typing speed- certainly not finger pecking speeds, even if not super quick. The keyboard responds well.

    Even the MAX 3 responds well, but it has a more noticeable latency. So I assume that that since the Tab X is newer, it will not be the case.


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