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Boox Discount Codes (March 24)

Boox are running an anniversary/Chinese New Year promotion between 8th-24th March 2024.

Boox are offering a $20 discount on any orders of $300 or more (6.7% discount), and a $50 discount on any orders of $600 or more (8.3% discount).

How to get the Boox discount

To get the discount, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link to either the Boox Official Store and Boox European Store
  2. Add items to your basket, and click to view your basket
  3. Input one of the following codes into the coupon code box:
    • BOOX20 (save $20 when you spend $300 or more)
    • BOOX50 (save $50 when you spend $600 or more)

Discount examples

This means that you can get the Boox Note Air3 C (with magnetic cover and spare stylus tips) for $479.99 rather than $499.99 (a 4% discount).

Or, you can get the Boox Tab Ultra C Pro (with magnetic cover, keyboard folio, and spare stylus tips) for $749.98 instead of the regular price of $799.98 (a 6.25% discount).


If you were planning on buying a Boox e-ink tablet, now would probably be a good time to do so because you can get it a little cheaper.

However, please bear in mind that the returns process from the Boox Stores is a little more complex and costly than it would be if you were to buy a Boox from Amazon, so if you are unsure if a Boox is right for you and you may not want to keep it, you might consider paying a little more to purchase from Amazon instead (Note: When you buy a Boox tablet from Amazon, the magnetic cover and stylus tips are not included).

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