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Cyber Monday/Black Friday 2023: Deals on E-Ink Tablets

Black Friday Deals: A list of all e-ink tablets that have been discounted for Black Friday 2023

It’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday week and many e-ink tablet manufacturers are offering deals on their products. Here is a list of all the deals that I’m aware of (to be updated if more offers become available): Kindle Scribe reMarkable Bigme Note: Additional discounts may be available but I have been unable to verify them Supernote …

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Color E-Ink (Kaleido) vs Monochrome E-Ink

Colour E-Ink vs Monochrome E-Ink

Last updated: November 2023 During 2023, quite a few colour e-ink tablets were released, with Boox and Bigme being the primary players. Consequently, when reviewing these devices, I often find myself writing the same stuff about colour e-ink, and it has become quite repetitive. So the objective of this article is to describe the advantages/disadvantages …

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Jeff’s Thoughts About the Boox Note Air 3 C

Boox Note Air3 C: Jeff's reaction to eWritable's review

What follows is Jeff Moss’s reaction to eWritable’s review of the Note Air 3C, and below this you can find his own video reviews of this particular e-ink tablet. I feel that Jeff raises some very valid points – although we mostly agree, we have some slight deviations in our opinions, and I think these …

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