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reMarkable Software Version 3.9 Released. Underwhelming!

New reMArkable Firmware Version 3.9

reMarkable continue their cycle of releasing underwhelming firmware updates on a monthly basis for the reMarkable 2 with the launch of version 3.9. The highlights of this update include: Whilst this does sort of show that reMarkable are committed to continuously improving their software, it is not what I (personally) would call much of an …

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reMarkable Firmware Version 3.8 Rolling Out: What’s New?

reMarkable Firmware V.3.8 Released

Today reMarkable released version 3.8 of their software, which has some interesting enhancements. Straight Lines Echoing a recent enhancement in Boox’s software, reMarkable also allows you to draw straight lines in notebooks. By holding the stylus on the page after drawing a freehand line, the software will automatically straighten it. A nice additional touch is …

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Supernote Introduces Global Search Amongst Several Other Features and Improvements

Chauvet (the linux-based operating system that runs on Supernote e-ink tablets) version 2.10.25 was released for the Supernote at the end of August 2023. In this post, you will find my thoughts and views on the latest enhancements. Improvements for ‘Headings’ & Lasso Select ‘Titles’ have always been one of my favourite features of the …

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CHAUVET 2.10.25 Released: Latest Software Update for Ratta Supernote E-ink Tablet Brings Key Enhancements

September 1, 2023 – Ratta has announced the release of CHAUVET 2.10.25, the latest software update for its Supernote e-ink tablet. The update introduces several new features aimed at improving user experience, from PDF annotation to refined search functions and added keyboard layouts for multilingual support. Check out my (subjective) thoughts and opinions about this …

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reMarkable Firmware Version 3.6 Begins to Roll Out

E-ink tablet manufacturer, reMarkable, have begun the rollout of firmware version 3.6 for the reMarkable 2. The main update is that there will be a selection of tutorials and help files available directly from the device itself. In addition, there are a few bug fixes and slight improvements to the software and companion app. Whilst …

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